Saturday, April 30, 2011

How do you coupon?

When I first started couponing I was so thrilled with saving a dollar that I'd buy the newspaper, clip the coupons, go through the ads, and be out the door on my way to grabbing my deals by noon on Sunday. Now I tend to take more time.

Part of that is the fact that I've graduated from one newspaper to 3 or more depending on what coupons are due out that particular week, so it's taking longer to clip the coupons and get them sorted in my binder. Part of it is I wasn't always doing my comparison shopping, just sort of going to what I perceived to be my "favorite" drug store and grocery store first, only to be disappointed when I'd make it around to the others and find a better deal.

Here's a few things I recommend:

  1. Have a calculator handy at all times when you're making your weekly lists.

  2. Don't rush it - the sales are for a whole week! You don't have to be there within 10 minutes of the store opening on Sunday. Even great deals can sometimes wait - if they're sold out of what you want ask for a raincheck. The exception to this would be the case where you have a coupon expiring and need it to make your deal work.

  3. Start keeping a price book. I keep mine by store and alphabetized by product name for quicker cross referencing. Knowing what the regular price is, and the recent sale prices, for items you use routinely will help you decide when an item is really a good deal. Now some of you may have better memories than me, but since I shop at 4 grocery stores, 3 drug stores, and 3 retail stores (KMart, WalMart, Target) to get the best deals it's too much for me to try to remember.

  4. Start your stockpile. You may not need an item today that is on sale for an incredible price but buy it anyway. Especially if it's FREE! Never pass up a great deal. When you need that item in the future it may not be on sale, and at that point you won't have to purchase it - you can just grab it from your stockpile.

  5. Don't think you're going to grab a newspaper your first week and save 50% on your grocery bill. It doesn't work that way. Having a stockpile allows you to purchase items only when they're free, or "near free". I have an 75% rule. If an item isn't 75% off and I don't absolutely need it then I don't purchase it. If it's more than 75% off I'll buy it while it's on sale....and add it to my stockpile for use at a later date.

  6. Don't buy something just because you have a coupon! Wait for the sale, wait for a tremendous deal, or wait until you need it. Having a coupon doesn't always make something a good deal!

You'll soon find that the amount of money you're saving week over week (as well as the % you're saving) will start getting bigger and bigger! That's when the excitement sets in and you too can become addicted to coupons!

Free Cottonelle Fresh Wipes

Nothings better than free! Well except maybe feeling fresh!! You can experience both by going to Cottonelle Fresh Wipes and signing up. They'll mail you a coupon for a free tub, and you can refer a friend to get their free coupon too - so spread the freshness!

5 Inserts in the 5/1/11 Newspaper

There are 5 - yes 5 - inserts in tomorrow's newspaper.  It's a good day to grab an extra couple papers and get your coupon piles building!

For a sneak peek at what's included you can check out  Whole Coupon Inserts - which is another site that is great if you don't want to buy the newspapers and waste all that paper - you can just purchase the inserts from them!

WalMart Deal Ending Today (4/30/11)

Reach Dental Floss (regularly $0.99) on sale for $0.88
          Money Maker
          Use $1.00/1 coupon


Nivea Body Wash is $3.00 at WalMart.  If you have any of the $3.00 off Nivea Body Wash for Men, or Nivea Body Wash for Women coupons left head over to WalMart and snag some free body wash!  (This is a regular price item at WalMart - so no need to rush over - save your gas and go when you have other things to pick up!)

This Weeks Super Deal to Watch For

If you're just getting started in couponing and building your stockpile you're going to find that it's difficult to get everything for free.  Why?  Because you still have to purchase items you need this week, rather than pulling them from your stockpile, which ultimatley means you're probably going to have to pay for some things.

This week there's a good way to get a jump on your stockpile for toilet paper.  Watch for your local Walgreens ad to come out.  Rumor has it there will be a $3.00 register reward on the purchase of 2 Cottonelle bath tissue's.  I can't verify this yet - so as soon as I can I'll let you all know.

Cottonelle 12 pack's are $5.00 each.  If you grab a May in store coupon book (usually located just inside the store doors) there is a coupon inside for $1.00 off each 12 pack of Cottonelle.  Before you head out to the store head over to Cottonelle's website and print off 2 of the $0.50 coupons.  You end up paying $2.00 each for 2 - 12 roll packages of Cottonelle.  The in store coupon will only print take $1.00 off up to 2 if you want more you're going to have to make a couple trips.  That said, you can only print 2 of the $0.50 coupons from Cottonelle as well, so get creative - use another computer in the house to print a couple more. 

          Cottonelle Bath Tissue 12 roll pack    Buy 2                      $10.00
          In store coupon                                                             -  2.00
          Printed Coupons                                                            -  1.00
          Register Reward                                                            -  3.00
          TOTAL FOR 2 PACKS IS $4.00