Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Free Swiffer Dusters

Like Swiffer on facebook TODAY!  Starting May 10th rumor is they'll be givingaway 12,500 dusters twice a week during May.

Remember to check your facebook often on the 10th for their announcement on how to claim your free starter kit!

What's the Point??

I have been posting free sample updates as I find them - and I know some of you are probably asking "what's the point?" - so here's my take.....

First - a free sample is a free sample.  It's that much less you actually have to purchase.  Plus - if you're in the market for a new product - why not try it before you spend that hard earned dollar on it!

Second - when you get your free samples in the mail 99 times out of 100 you'll get coupons for your next purchase with those samples.  No better way to add coupons to your collection!  Doesn't cost you a thing but a few minutes of your time!

Third - samples work great when you're traveling.  You know - airlines limit you to the amount of liquids you can carry on a plane, and you don't always want to check a bag.  So pack your plastic ziploc with samples of shampoo, conditioner, hand sanitizer, etc. and stay under your limit for carry on but still have everything you need!  I travel between MI and California quite a bit - and I always pack samples.  No....I don't really need to do that since I'm actually going to one of the three homes my husband and I have at the moment, but I do simply because the last thing I want to do when I get out there is run to the store to stock up on whatever product I thought I left behind only to find that my hubby has tried it himself and really liked it!  :-)  (he doesn't really do that - but you know what I mean!)

So sign up for samples - keep a "sample drawer" if you have an extra one somewhere, or buy a couple little plastic bins and separate them by product type (i.e. hair / lotions / medications / etc.).

Free Pro-Tex non-alcohol sanitizer

Head on over to Pro-Tex, fill in your name, address, and e-mail and be sure to check the "samples" box for your free non-alcohol sanitizer sample.

FREE trial of Brez stop snoring aids

Don't like those Breath Right strips you tape to the outside of your nose?  Here's a deal for you!

Get a free sample (3 different sizes per sample) of Brez - some anti-snoring aid that you put inside your nose rather than outside. 

After you get your samples you can order Brez at Amazon by clicking here.

I'm thinking this isn't really what I'm looking for personally, but hey........maybe you are and it's free!

Coupon Policies

It's important to know the store coupon policy before you go on your next shopping trip.  If you shop at multiple stores, you may well just want to print off the policies and keep them in your binder for quick reference.  (you all got a binder right? :-) )

Each store has different policies, what they will and won't accept, etc.  For instance - at Walgreens (and many other stores) you can not use more manufacturers coupons in one order than you have products.  Now that seems reasonable enough - but many forget that the catalina's (register rewards they're called at Walgreens) are actually manufacturers coupons too - so when you go in to buy 10 items, and take 10 manufacturers coupons with you - they're not going to let you use last weeks' register rewards to pay for your purchase.

Plan your trip carefully so that you can make the most of your money and really stretch that dollar!

Aunt Millies Buns or Bread

Aunt Mille's breads and buns are one sale BOGO at VG's this week.  Regular price is $3.19.
Use 2 $0.55/1 coupons (remember - VG's doubles up to $1.00) - you get 2 packs for $0.99 / or $0.50 each.  That's a great deal for this bread!

Free Dove Hair Care Sample

Visit Dove to get a free Dove Hair Care sample and sign up for their newsletter

FREE Breathe Right 10ct

Check out this link for a free 10 count box of Breathe Right strips at Rite Aid.

Kroger Pepsi Deal

Pepsi 2 liters - $0.84
     Use $0.55/1 coupon
     Buy 4 get 2 free
     Total price each with 4 coupons is $0.19 - with 6 coupons $0.01.