Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Have Muscles There???

Earlier this week I posted "But It's Sooooo Early!" catch you up a little if you didn't read the first post I have officially lost what little mind I have left after 7 kids, 2 dogs, and a husband in the Military, and decided it'd be a great idea to get a little exercise.  My sister and I decided we'd walk every morning before work.....which for me means I have to be out the door at 5:30 to be home by 6:15 and get a 4 mile walk in there. 

Friday night I had walked the same 4 miles with my niece who was over due hoping to help her labor along.  Good worked - she went into labor about 5 hours later and had the baby 16 hours after our walk!  Bad legs hurt so bad on Saturday that I couldn't hardly walk.  Now I'm not that out of the summer I usually walk 1.5 miles every day, but it's been a cold, snowy winter (hey that's my excuse so play along) and I didn't get out much.

So Monday rolls around and we get up before the crack of dawn and head out.  I'm half asleep, my legs are still achy, and my allergies are in full swing.  I walk 3 steps and then sneeze....walk 2 steps and say "ouch"....walk another 5 steps and sneeze get the idea!

Day 2.....tempted to call off - besides the fact that I slept for 3 and a half hours last night (hubby is deployed and called in the middle of the night which is fabulous, yet exhausting) I can't move my legs without feeling the previous 8 miles and this is after using the FREE Tylenol Precise I had got the week before!

Day 3.........really?  We're going to do this again??  It's not so bad really - except the sleep part since my husband called again.  I can do it.....1/2 mile in I'm ready to scream uncle and call my 20 year old who is home sleeping to pick me up!

Now here I sit on the eve of day #4.  It's storming right now.....and I've never in my life prayed for the storms to continue as much as I have tonight!  Believe me - I want to do this, and I need to get more exercise, but I'm thinking if it's not raining in the morning and we walk I'll lose a leg half way through the course and have to walk home on my hands!

I'm committed.....I'm going to do this and the pain will stop.........right??

My Very Realistic Kroger Trip 5/25/11

Made a quick run to Kroger today because we were out of "basics" and I had a few deals to pick up.  Of course our first dose of reality occured when we stepped out of the car into a puddle that was at least 3 inches deep!  (yes - got to love MI weather!!)

Second dose of reality set in when a grumpy 30 something was walking through an aisle and saw me giving my 13 year old a lesson on how to figure out a final price using Q's.  She just had to mumble something about those "d*** couponers**.  Guess she was jealous!

I ended up with a full basket which included:

10 Kool Aid canisters
2 Bags Ore Ida frozen potatoes
4 Lean Cuisine
2 Digornio Pizza & Cookies
1 box of Fudgcicles
2 Sara Lee Frozen cheesecakes (YUMMY!)
1 Large bottle of Heinz Ketchup
1 Martha Stewart coffee cake mix
4 Knorr Pasta packages
4 Knorr Rice packages
1 Helluva dip
3 Extra Large bags of Sunflower seeds (baseball!)
6 Pepsi 2 Liters

Total before Q's and Savings Card (original price) was $134.77
Total OOP:  $56.39
Total Savings:  59%

3rd dose of reality..........the woman who had grumbled at me in one of the aisles was standing in line behind me.  The cashier was going on and on about my total savings, and how I do it, what my binder looks like, an interview she saw on television this morning, etc., and the whole time the "grumbler" had to stand there and listen to her, then watch my total drop.  This dose of reality was given to her!!