Sunday, May 22, 2011

Been a Long Day!!

It sure has been a very long day today!

I got up early, ran and got my newspapers and coffee.  Came back home, cleaned up using free body wash, free shampoo, free toothpaste and toothbrush, free deodorant, and almost free make-up, then ran to see my new great niece before the day got away from me.  It was 10:30 by the time I got home (putting down a new baby is soooo darn hard!!) - got laundry started and my Q's clipped and organized. 

My hubby called - he's deployed right now so those calls are important - and he had more than 5 minutes to chat - so there went another hour.

4 more loads of laundry, the grass mowed, dishes in the dishwasher and washed (why can't kids put the dishes IN the dishwasher??)  and hubby calls again.  Wow - two times in one day and he wasn't in a hurry! make a long story short - I broke the "no eating out month" rule and we went out to eat.  1st time in 22 days - which is awesome for us (we usually eat out no less than 2 times a week just due to busy schedules)  ((ok ok - and laziness on my part to actually do a meal plan and stick with it))

Quick trip to WalMart to grab some powerade (it's baseball season and we use tons of this) and an outfit for each of the kids ..... well ok just 3 of the 4 that still live at home, the 3 that don't live at home are on their own - LOL. 

I didn't get any shopping done today :(  Oh well.....there's always tomorrow - so long as the shelves aren't cleared of everything I'm hoping to get! 


No Inserts in the 5/29/11 papers.  It's a Holiday Sunday!!

I know if I'm not reminded I end up getting a bunch of papers for no reason........and there goes all that savings - LOL.

Eckrich Franks - HOT deal!!

$0.88 per pack at VG's this week.  Limit 4!

Taking a Short Break

I will have this weeks confirmed sales and match ups up soon.  My niece had her baby though, so I'm taking a little break to run to the hospital  and see the beautiful little girl in person!