Friday, May 20, 2011


It is my opinion that everyone that is trying to coupon as a way to save money should join at least one forum, as well as following your favorite bloggers!

I have found a wealth of information in forums.  It's a terrific place to ask questions, get coupon match ups (i.e. someone else does the work for you!), find printable coupons, etc.

I am a member of multiple forums - but my favorite of all time, and one I am highly addicted to, is WeUseCoupons.  Here you can find not only match ups and deals of the week, there is a huge coupon database where you can find any coupon you may be needing, and a ton of people with a wealth of knowledge to help you along the way.  I could spend hours every day on this site (ok sometimes I do)!

I encourage you to join now, if you haven't already!  You can either click on the embedded link in the paragraph above, or I've placed a link to the left of the page for easy access!  When you do join please mention that stretchthatdollar sent you!

Oh - the best part??  It's FREE!  That's right!!  You can get all the deal match ups, links to coupons, tips, and advice on everything from the best coupon organization systems (including binders and how to set them up), to store policies!  So.....what are you waiting for??  Sign up today - and after you've signed up, and mentioned that stretchthatdollar sent you, please send me a friend request!

See you there soon!!

Inventory Control

Anyone have trouble with "inventory control" with kids in the house?

My stockpile (which is in multiple locations) is easy access.  HBA items are in the bathroom under the sink, food items are in a closet, cleaning products in a different closet....etc. 

The issue - the kids see something added to the stockpile and get "excited" and want to use something new/different.  I've repeatedly removed shampoo and bath wash from the shower because there are already2 or 3 bottles of each in there.  The cereal cabinet is has 7 (I'm not kidding - 7!) open boxes right now, and they're not all different!

Tonight I moved the HBA stuff to my bedroom closet (it's a huge walk-in), but it will have to be moved yet again in a month or two when I start getting the house ready for my huband to come home.  (I'm thinking he's going to want his shelves and drawers!)  I bought the Vive Shampoo's on sale tonight at a really, really good price - and before the kids went to bed there was already a bottle of shampoo and a bottle of the conditioner in the shower.  (which I removed until they finish the other stuff we have in the shower already - uuggghhhh)

How do you control your inventory?  I'm thinking I might have to get as possessive with my stockpile as I am with my binder.......NOBODY touches the binder LOL!