Thursday, May 26, 2011

Quick and Easy CVS Money Maker

You all remembered to grab your $5.00/$25.00 coupon from your e-mail today right?  Good!

Here's a deal scenario for you:

5 Revlon Nail Polishes - on sale for $4.99 each ($24.95)
1 small filler (to get to the $25)
Use 5 $1.00/1 Revlon Nail Polish Q's (4/10/11 SmartSource)
Use $5.00/$25.00 Purchase
Get $20.00 ECB's back
Total OOP $15 (ish - depending on your filler item)
Money Maker of $5.00

Technically you can earn up to 6 ECB's of $4.00 each with the Revlon - so if you don't want to do the filler and 5 polishes you can grab 6 - Total OOP is $18.94 - you get $24.00 ECB's back - Money Maker of $5.06.

Kodiak Chiropractic Cream - FREE Sample

So all this walking I've been doing for the past week has brought not only weight loss, but tired, achy legs!!  I ordered my FREE sample of Kodiak Chiropractic Cream (a topical pain relief/anti-inflammatory cream) today and the best news....they say it'll be here in 10 days!  (ok - so hopefully I'm not still achy in 10 days!)

I'm soooooo excited!!!

My kids laugh at me - but I'm seriously very excited today!

I never, ever order coupons.  But there were a ton is the past weekends inserts that are excellent, and that I wanted more of, and it just so happened I came across a crap load of them for almost nothing so I ordered them Tuesday and they were in the mailbox today!!!!  YAY me!!

I'll be clipping for the rest of the night!  :-)

Walgreens Trip 5/26/11

Had to pick up a prescription and look what I got!!

1 Rx
1 Cottonelle 12 Pack - on sale for $4.00
     Used $1.00/1 May Coupon Savings Book Q
2 Combo's - on sale for $0.99
     Used $1.00/2 Q
2 Mini Compact Mirrors - on clearance for $0.25
4 Design-A-Pen kits - on clearance for $0.25
1 Scunchi - on sale for $2.00
2 Huggies Little Swimmers - on sale for $6.99
     Used $2.00/1 May Coupon Savings Book Q
     Used $1.00/1 Q x 2
1 Tone Body Wash - $3.00
2 Axe Deodorants - on sale for $4.00 each
     Used 1 BOGO coupon
1 Axe Shower Gel - on sale for $4.00
1 Revlon Lipstick - on sale for $5.99
     Used $2.00/1 Revlon ColorStay Q
1 Revlon Eyeliner Duo Pack - on sale for $4.49
     Used $2.00/1 Revlon ColorStay Q

Total before sale prices and Q's (including $9.00 RX) - $78.69
Used 1 $3.00 RR from previous trip
Total OOP:  $29.93
Received $11 RR for next purchase
Total Savings:  76%

Coupon Database

I'm on a mission!

I haven't found a coupon database that satisfies my desires - so my cousin and I are writing our own!

It's going to be way cool, and way useful, and make couponing so much easier!

Who would be interested in a database that tells you what Q's you have, how many of each you have, allows you to scan them in with a handheld scanner or smart phone, lets you remove the Q's you're using on a trip with your handheld scanner or smart phone, and could do match ups for you to boot??

Heading out............

Keep your fingers and toes crossed!  I'm heading out for my weekly deals!  Hopefully it's not too late to find what I want - I just haven't had a night this week without some other "have to" included so I haven't been able to fulfill my "need".

Check back in a little bit to see what we found for FREE or "next to FREE"!