Thursday, May 26, 2011

Coupon Database

I'm on a mission!

I haven't found a coupon database that satisfies my desires - so my cousin and I are writing our own!

It's going to be way cool, and way useful, and make couponing so much easier!

Who would be interested in a database that tells you what Q's you have, how many of each you have, allows you to scan them in with a handheld scanner or smart phone, lets you remove the Q's you're using on a trip with your handheld scanner or smart phone, and could do match ups for you to boot??


  1. Hi!
    This is a few months past this post, so I'm wondering if you've made any progress on writing this database. I am VERY interested in a database like it. I use my iPod Touch to help me shop and having an electronic record of my coupons would make things SO much easier!

  2. Hear Hear... Any progress?