Thursday, May 5, 2011

CVS Allergy Deal

Buy any 2 Claritin products (24 ct or larger) and get a CVS coupon for a free 10 ct Claritin at CVS.

Check the CVS allergy savings page for details!

Use your $5.00 coupons on the 24ct products!  On sale through Saturday for $16.99 ($11.99 with coupon) - 2 would be $33.98 less $10.00 - $23.98 out of pocket.  10 ct coupon is $10.69 you will get it for FREE.  Total for 3 is $23.98 or $7.99 each!

What's the best deal you got this week?

I found many! 

I especially liked restocking my razor supply and the Cottonelle at Walgreens for $2.00 a 12 pack. 

But....I'm not done yet - I'm heading out tomorrow for some $0.90 Kellogg's cereal and Pepsi cubes which come out to less than $0.15 per can!!

What was your favorite find??

DON'T FORGET.......VG's Deals start tomorrow

Check out the VG's tab above to see the VG's deals that start tomorrow, including some incredible prices on Kellogg's cereal, Pepsi 24pk's and eggs.

Free 8x10 collage print (GREAT FOR MOTHERS DAY)

Free 8x10 collage print at Walgreens as well as 50% off posters!

Terrific idea for mothers day!  Get your free collage print, throw it in a frame, and viola'!

See ya'll tonight

It's gonna be another long day!

I'm taking my binder to work with me today so that at lunch I can find you all some deals!  Hopefully I can get some up this afternoon!