Monday, May 23, 2011

Saving without coupons

What ways do you save on your household expenses without the use of coupons?

Recently I did a little math on my coffee addiction - this was not pretty.  I was spending over $1000 a year on "to go" latte from Dunkin I decided I'd just stop - no more latte's for me!  UUGGHHHH - that was the worst hour of my life!  (kidding - it was a whole day)  I then stopped at a local Speedway for gas on the way to work one day, and decided to go in (which I never do) to grab a soda.  What did I see?  Latte' in their machines and they were CHEAP!  The same 16 ounce size I pay $3.00 for at DD was only $0.99, and everytime  you buy 6 you get the 7th FREE.  I was estatic.  I didn't have to totally give up Latte' - I could just switch to a cheaper version (which by the way is much tastier too - so bonus) and save $600 a year but still enjoy my morning joe.

Anyone else have one of these "aha" moments??  A point in time where the true cost of doing something you wouldn't normally think twice about smacks you upside the head.  I have to work on lunch now - I usually go out every day at work - think of the $$ I could save packing my own!!

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