Monday, May 2, 2011

Want More Coupons?

Here's an idea, and while I was skeptical about this at first, I'll tell you it works!

Write to companies! 

Do you use Ore-Ida frozen products (i.e. potatoes) - send them an e-mail through their website with a comment (compliment or complaint) and they will mail you coupons!  I received 15 different coupons from them, for everything from Frozen Potatoes to Heinz Ketchup (Ore-Ida is a Heinz company).  Well worth the 3 minutes it took to draft the e-mail.

This has also worked for Kotex.  Still waiting on others that I've contacted - but so far I'm batting 1000!!

What can it hurt?  Send an e-mail to your favorite brands and see what coupons they come up with for you!

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