Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shopping Online

Traditionally I do the good majority of my Christmas shopping online.  To me it just makes sense.  1)  I have almost no time to go walking around a mall for hours on end looking for the perfect gift, 2)  while I really enjoy the company of a good friend and meeting new people - the mall around the holidays is not my cup of tea (I hate pushing, shoving, and rude people), and 3)  I can shop multiple stores for the same product, find the best price, and get it shipped to my door in a matter of minutes.

I've bought some of the best gifts ever from e-bay, and they're not always "new".  I have often bought refurbished products, or delicately used items, and used them as gifts.  (with 7 kids you learn to be frugal really fast if you want to enjoy other things in life, like new cars or vacations)

While e-bay is probably one of my favorite sites of all time, I also shop big box stores (Kmart, Walmart, Sears, etc.) online as well.  I have ran across some of the best deals ever on sites I hadn't heard of before the day I found my deal.

Do you shop online?  What do you shop for online?  What's your favorite store/site to shop online? 

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