Tuesday, May 24, 2011

But it's sooooo early......

I now know I've officially lost my mind! 

23 years ago I decided to have kids.  Not a bad idea!  I had no idea at that time I'd decide that 7 sounded like a well rounded number.  (that thought came much later - along with the laundry, grocery bill, clothing bills, etc.)  Jump forward to the decision to marry my awesome husband......that too sounded wonderful!  I mean every girl wants to marry her hero - right?  And mine wears combat boots!  We thought this year we were "safe" from deployments........that's what we get for thinking! 

So here we are today - I went to bed at 11 PM last night after baseball practice for the teenage son, running the 2 teenage girls over to see my niece's new baby, doing 2 loads of laundry, putting dishes in the dishwasher that can never seem to find their way there without my help, and cleaning up the mud left on the wood floor after my teenage son decided to pound his baseball cleats clean in the middle of the dining room.

My deployed husband often calls at 12:30am - there's quite a time difference and that's when he usually can grab a phone for a few minutes to talk......so after sleeping an hour I'm up to catch up on the occurrences of the day/weekend with my hubby then it's back to bed at 1:15.

I then start the day at 5:00 AM this week - rather than 6 AM because I've made this new commitment to myself to get more exercise.  (again - another great idea at the time turned into a "huh?!" moment later)  And since I clearly can't fit it into the schedule after work, it has to go in before.  So here I am, blogging before my 3 mile walk/jog with my sister.  I'll get home just in time to grab a shower before the kids get up and start getting ready for the day, which is good - because 3 teenagers getting ready for school somehow seems to empty the hot water tank in no time, and using a bathroom for the hour and a half before school is next to impossible. (I meantioned 2 of them are teenage girls right?  I do not remember ever primping as much as these girls do now)

Maybe I can squeeze in a nap during the 45 minutes I have to wait between the time my son has to be at his ball game and the time the game starts tonight! 

How do you manage your work/life balance?  Do you work exercise in there somewhere?  Anyone know how to get 8 hours of sleep in 4??  :-)

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