Saturday, May 7, 2011

Do you Excel??

I have to admit......I'm a bit of a freak when it comes to spreadsheets!!  Oh - you thought I was referring to Excel as in being really good at something?  :-)

I love spreadsheets!  I use them for everything!!  Here's how I make the most of my couponing using spreadsheets.

Spreadsheet #1 - I use this spreadsheet to list the items on sale, the number I want to buy, the regular price, the sale price, what coupons I have for the items, what "rewards" are being offered (i.e. ECB's, RR's, UP rewards, etc.), my out of pocket (oop) cost, the final price per item, and the total price for the # of that particular item I'm purchasing.  It also has a column for total % off, and the bottom totals the oop, final cost, total price, and % of savings.  I have one for each trip I'm going to make.  If I'm going to do multiple transactions I will usually use one spreadsheet but put a border around each individual transaction to make it easy to determine what goes with what.

Spreadsheet #2 - This is my price book.  I keep a list of regular prices on items I purchase most often for the different stores I shop at.  It's not every item in every store - but enough that if I want to quickly determine if my favorite shampoo is on sale this week for a good price or not I can do so.  I have multiple tabs inside this Excel workbook for the different stores.

Spreadsheet #3 - This one tracks my savings to month.  There's one spreadsheet for each year - each spreadsheet has 12 tabs.  I like to see my savings add up month over month so I know exactly how much I saved at any given point.  This simply tracks my regular price, total oop price, and % of savings.

I find that spreadsheet #1 helps me stay organized and ensures I get the deals I think I'm going to get.  #2 helps me figure out what is really a good deal, and what "deals" I should pass up and wait on a better sale.  And #3 keeps me excited and motivated!

So tell you Excel?? 

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