Saturday, May 7, 2011

It's 3:00 a.m. - do you know where your coupon binder is?

Yes - I am fully aware that it's 3:00 am and most sane people are sleeping.

I'm curious though - where is your coupon binder right now?  I just realized that I am totally in love with my binder, and I sleep with it!  Yes - it's true that it's laying in bed with me in the spot where my husband should be. 

No....I wasn't couponing before bed and fell asleep in the middle of it  - I place it there nightly when I'm finished looking for deals and blogging. 

For a little history - I have coupon'd for years.....just not seriously.  Now I'm serious - and I have been for a year or so!  My binder has over 4000 coupons in it as well as envelopes full of coupons that wouldn't fit.  It stores my shopping lists for the week, my "ideas" for blogs, my rewards coupons (extra care bucks, register rewards, UP rewards, etc.), sale ads, coupon policies for the stores I shop at, etc.  I never leave home without it - it's always with me whether it be in the car if I'm visiting my mom or whatever, or I'm carrying it in a bag into work so that I can coupon during lunch.  I don't go into a store without it in my hand - even if I know exactly what I'm going in for.  (think about it - how many times have you ran to the store to buy "just milk" and ended up with 10 other things - or gone without coupons only to find an incredible steal had you had your coupons with you?)  YES - I'm obsessed with my binder!

Now the real question is hubby is active duty Air Force.  He's currently deployed - but even when he is not we live on opposite coasts.  (he lives in California, I live in MI until he retires in November)  This works well for my binder and I - I can keep it close at all times.  What is going to happen when he comes home and decides he wants to sleep where the binder is supposed to go?  I think I'll end up with a separation anxiety disorder!

Babe - if you're reading this please don't panic!  I promise you will have a spot in our bed when you get home!!  We'll just have to make sure the binder is safe and sound where ever we decide it's new resting place is!

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