Friday, May 6, 2011

The 2nd best thing about being married to my husband.....

Yes - it's true that I often tease my husband that I only married him for the commissary benefit!

That was, however, before I went to my first ever case lot sale!  You wouldn't believe the deals a member of the US Armed Forces can get at a commissary case lot sale!  I was in shoppers heaven!  The case lot sale just took #1!! (ya - it's still part of the commissary benefit I know)

Of course I took my coupons - and that made me even more over the top!  I can't list prices here - because DeCA doesn't allow that - but let me tell you boys and girls I over filled my stockpile closet!!

Now if any of you are military members - check the DeCA site for the dates of your case lot sale - start stocking up your coupons (but don't fret - they even had some AWESOME coupons that went right along with their cases of stuff) and make sure you get there early!  The base here isn't very busy - but by the time I got there tonight it was already picked over, and the sale lasts 2 more days!

All that said - it's not true that the best thing about being married to my husband is the commissary benefit - although that is indeed the 2nd best thing about being married to him!  The best thing about being married to my hubby is that he's my best friend, he is the sweetest man you've ever met, he's funny, and he's sexy!  Wow ok - I just knocked the commissary down to #5!!

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