Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm on a mission.................

I'm thinking about starting a series for saving money in ways other than coupons! 

For instance - I changed my cell phone provider 3 months ago and dropped my bill from over $300 a month to $170 a month.  That's $1500+ a year right there!  (there's 5 phones on that bill - LOL)

I'm looking for other ways to cut household expenses now - such as looking into switching from the cable company we currently have to a dish provider (who is offering some great deals right now if you sign a 2 year contract), reviewing insurance policies (homeowners, car, life) to see if I can get the same coverage for lower rates, changing banks.....which is a hard one for me cause I've been with this bank 20 years to save on monthly fee's, etc.

I'll start a new page for these items so I don't muck up all the couponing stuff if that's what you're here for.  That way if you're interested you can look.....if you're not you don't need to weed through the stuff to find what you're wanting!

Please feel free to make this a collaborative effort - I am by no means an expert in this field, but really need to get the bills down to a reasonable level before my husband retires and we're living on 50% of his pay until he finds a job!  Comment on posts - or if you have ideas that you'd like to guest blog please e-mail them to me at for inclusion!


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