Sunday, May 15, 2011

This is Realistic Shopping - 63% savings at Kroger

As I was walking out to my car from my trip to Kroger, a little disappointed that I didn't do better so I'd have something to "brag" about here, I realized that last week I told you my perception of realistic couponing, however I have not been posting the realistic side of my trips.  Yes - I post the 70%+ or the 80%+ savings - I've even posted a couple 100% saving trips - but never once have I posted the "average" trip.

So here goes - I'm not really proud and don't feel I did that well today - but I did get things that we WANTED rather than just things I had coupons for!

Here's what I got:

1 box of Ice Cream Sandwiches
2 boxes of Cocoa Krispies
2 boxes of Ritz Bitz sandwiches
2 boxes of Pepperidge Farms Popovers (for dessert tomorrow night)
2 packages of Chips Ahoy
2 Purina busy bones
6 Boxes of Ronzoni Pasta
4 Bags of Sunflower Seeds (these were on sale for $1.00 and it's baseball season - we pay $2.49 at the
     local 7-11)
4 Kraft BBQ sauce
4 Powerade
2 Gatorade
2 Frito's
1 Martha Stewart coffee cake mix
6 2 ltrs of Pepsi
2 packages of Eckrich Sausage

Total before Kroger Savings and Coupons:  $96.97
Paid:  $36.38

So while I was disappointed I didn't do better - I think I still did ok.  I didn't get the Eckrich Hot Dogs I went for (10/$10 ending today) since they were out - but got a raincheck for when they do restock, and they're on sale this week at Meijer so all is good!

So there you have's not a 90%+ savings trip - but it's still not a bad trip in my opinion!

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