Monday, May 9, 2011

Sales for 5/15

Looks like there's going to be some decent sales next weekend!

I know, at least for me, that there wasn't much I was wanting to run right out to get this week, so I've started my research a little early!

I'll have the 5/15 Rite Aid sales (or rumored sales if you will) up later tonight - soon as I get home from baseball practice!  I'll then post the rest of them as I get my hands on them.

But.........for those that are curious as to what might be included in the 5/15 Rite Aid sale - Purex is $1.97 for the 50oz bottle, Huggies Little Swimmers $7.00, Sally Hansen cosmetics & beauty tools are buy one get one 50% off - and there's a $3.00 UP Reward on $10.00 purchase.

I'll do the match ups (during practice) and get the list out to you - which will have many more items included!

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