Sunday, May 8, 2011

How Do You Get All Those Coupons???

I had a cashier ask me yesterday how I got all my coupons.  Now I just have a smaller sort of binder, and there's probably 4000 coupons in it - if only she could see my desk!  :-)

I have my binder that I carry everywhere, but I also have a "stockpile" of coupons that aren't in my binder.  I typically know if I have a coupon for something, and most of the time can tell you exactly how much it's worth....whether in my binder or not.

So how do I get all those coupons? 

Well I buy multiple weekly papers.  The # of papers I purchase depends on the coupon inserts that are included that week.  I also print coupons every chance I get from every site I can print them from.

Printed coupons are accepted almost everywhere.  Of the 9 stores I frequent most often only 1 of them does not accept printed coupons, and that is a new policy they put in place about a month ago - so I don't shop there as often anymore either.

Find your favorite online coupon printer and use it routinely.  Keep in mind most will let you print the coupon only twice - so you're going to need to find multiple sites or use multiple computers to get more than 2 coupons for a product.

Inside this blog there are some links for printable coupons.  I usually have a page called "printable coupons" that will take you to specific coupons I've mentioned in articles, and I've also let some advertising take place on my page which is content specific so they're usually coupon sites too. 

Also - let me reiterate that if you're not already a member of an online coupon forum, such as WeUseCoupons or CouponMom, then you need to be!  Both sites are free to join! sign up be sure to tell them that you heard about them through stretchthatdollar!

Once you sign up let me know if you have questions.  Both of the databases are huge, and offer lots of information, which may be overwhelming at first!  But they're fun to use and addicting.......and sooo worth the couple minutes it takes to sign up and get started!

I don't dumpster dive - the recycle containers here have very specific language on them that scares me - so I stay out!  I don't need the hassle with the law for coupons.  I do like to save, therefore hiring an attorney because I was digging through a recycle bin isn't worth it for me personally. 

I do check the local coffee shops when I stop for coffee in the morning - lots of times people have purchased a paper, enjoyed their coffee, and left the paper sitting when they left.  I also have some friends that do not coupon that save their coupons for me - which is a bonus too.  From time to time, when there's a very specific coupon out that I want quite a few of I will purchase them from online coupon clipping services - but those times are few and far between.

My stockpile has taken over a closet, 2 bathroom cabinets, and headed to the bedroom - so I do well with what coupons I do get.  I'm not in this to clear shelves or anything like that - just get the best deal I can get and save my family some money doing it. 

If you have questions, need to know where to get a coupon from, can't figure out how to navigate a site, etc. please don't hesitate to contact me!

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